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Bifrost Fantasy

a creative art community

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This is the livejournal community for members of the Elfwood Artist Community, Bifrost Fantasy! This is a group for people to participate in projects for Elfwood, talk about Elfwood, art or writing techniques, or pretty much anything.

Bifrost is Elfwood's first collaborative art/writing club, founded by Paula Fletcher!

Who can join Bifrost?
Any artist or writer who has an Elfwood Gallery or Wyvern's Library page! Bifrost welcomes artists & writers of all skill levels and mediums (i.e. drawing, painting, digital, sculpture, photo-manip, short stories, poetry & more)!

Want more visitors to your Elfwood gallery...
Want artist/writer buddies to chat or offer critiques on your work...
Want the motivation and inspiration to produce more artwork or writings?

Participating in collaborative art/writing projects is a great way to achieve these things...which is why Bifrost was created!

Our Yahoo!Group & mailing list is where most of our club activity occurs. You can interact with other members through chat & email, submit project ideas, upload image/text files for projects you participate in, vote in group polls, etc...

We launch a new collaborative art/writing project every other month. We decide on our new project by suggesting ideas, then the ideas are collated into a poll. Then all group members get to cast a vote for the project idea of their choice. The votes are counted and the winning project is announced.

Members have two months to produce an artwork/writing that corresponds to the project theme (if they wish to participate in that project). At the end of the two month time limit, the submitted artworks/writings are combined in an Elfwood tour & a tour located here on our Bifrost homepage. The artist/writer whose idea was chosen for the project will be featured in the tours and on our Bifrost homepage!

We also have different competitions, throughout the year, including our "Semi-Annual Bifrost Logo Competition" and, each month, we nominate a new "Member-of-the-Month", to be featured on our homepage!

The above info is provided courtesy of our Bifrost website, please visit us at www.bifrostfantasy.com to find out more about our group...tour past projects and more!

We look forward to seeing you at Bifrost Fantasy!