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furry help pleeze!

(cross-posted in the Elfwoo LJ)
I've been trying to draw more furries and anthros, lately. And, while I think I've got a good handle on the anatomy, I'm having some problems. Clothing. How would something with wings wear a shirt or a top? How would something with a tail wear pants? Any suggestions would be most welcome.
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I just realized I typed Elfwoo.
I guess that's what the Sidhe do when a-courting.


June 10 2005, 15:25:17 UTC 12 years ago

Depending its male or female........
Female, I like to draw a "X" shape top that way the wings have free mobility. Male, you could keep bare chested or put a chest plate with "Y" shape strap down the back.
If you want any more ideas. E'mail me! or