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Story Commissions

I am now taking a limited number of writing commissions. I hope to be able to get enough money through this to help out with our finances both during and after the move.


Poetry: $5.00/poem
Short Story: 1-3 pages - $5.00
4-5 pages - $8.00
5+ pages - $10.00 (up to 10 pages)
Novellas: (anything over 10 pages but under 50 pages): $20.00
RPG Character sketches: (written, of course) $3.00-$10.00, dependent on how detailed you/your DM/GM want it.

Please support your local starving writer and her family by purchasing one of these commissions. Thanks!

I will accept personal checks, cashier's checks, and/or money orders only. I will make payment arrangements with everyone on an individual basis.

Please leave me a comment here expressing your desire to get one of these commissions, e-mail me, or contact me in some other way if you want one.
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