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Paintings that challenge you: What do they say?

Think about pictures or paintings that you wanted very much to finish but found difficult to complete. What did they challenge you with?

I completed one yesterday called Strength, which is particularly meaningful to me because it's a self-portrait of my inner child and my inner Lion, and I'm a Leo, and I love what Strength stands for in the Major Arcana, which means to overcome, sometimes by gentleness, to stand strong despite being battered...
Anyway I didn't know it would require so much sheer mental strength to finish it! I had about halfway completed it with a lot of time left for the deadline and suddenly I found myself swamped with marking, work, remedials, meetings, rehearsals for events that ended late, personal problems, other people's personal problems... Every night I got home dead tired, and couldn't do anything because I was so sleepy. And the same time I was feeling very resentful towards my work for eating my life away.

I knew exactly that the cosmos was saying "If you want to paint a painting called Strength, you have to live up to it!" But I didn't have the energy. That was till I started reading a book called Live Your Dream and reminded myself how I wanted to live. Well then, I practised the visualisation exercise, steeled myself and got myself going again. And it's done and I'm happy, not that it looks great or particularly polished, but because I did it and it's going to be up on Bifrost. And I know that I _am_ strong.

What about you? Share an experience about a painting/sculpture/story that has forced you to manifest a quality you needed or that has taught you something.
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