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Hello Bifrost!

Hi, I didn't know the Bifrost LJ was open already! That's great. I was one of the people who voted for the LJ account because this is where I spend all my time anyway. Well... why here and not Yahoo groups where the action is?

1.Well, because firstly the Yahoo interface is quite unfriendly, and frequently log-in is denied for no reason.
2.So I signed up for the daily digest by email, but I only kept up with the emails for the first week or so, and I'm afraid I'm now deleting the volumes without reading them as I just haven't the time.
3. I love LJ. heh.

So, thank you for opening this. You are not taking away a Yahoo reader, you are opening another venue for someone who wouldn't otherwise have a presence=) But I'd like to catch up on the Yahoo news now and then. Anyone have any advice for how to follow the YahooGroup threads that doesn't take a lot of time?

Over with that. An introduction: I'm Earthsea, I joined Elfwood this year, and Bifrost only about two months ago. I love fantasy, fairy tales, illustrations, that sort of thing. So what's everybody working on right now? I'm trying to get work done on my sorta-self-portrait but I haven't *sigh* got the time. It's always the same thing. And the dateline is getting closer too...How do you all handle this time-thing?

Ok, cheers!
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