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Updated: 11 October 2004

It's time to vote for our next project! Members, log in to Yahoo! to vote.

"Paparazzi of the Woods" project is closing on October 12th.
  • Paparazzi of the Woods
  • The Best of Bifrost Writers
  • Bifrost Byways
  • Free Wallpapers
Members should log in to find out more about these projects, by reading the "Open Projects.txt" in our Yahoo!Group.


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"Dragon Flight" image by Deborah Shirley. Free Wallpaper available at bifrostfantasy.com.
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furry help pleeze! [10 Feb 2005|12:37pm]

[ mood | content ]

(cross-posted in the Elfwoo LJ)
I've been trying to draw more furries and anthros, lately. And, while I think I've got a good handle on the anatomy, I'm having some problems. Clothing. How would something with wings wear a shirt or a top? How would something with a tail wear pants? Any suggestions would be most welcome.

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Story Commissions [31 Aug 2004|01:49am]

[ mood | stressed ]

I am now taking a limited number of writing commissions. I hope to be able to get enough money through this to help out with our finances both during and after the move.


Poetry: $5.00/poem
Short Story: 1-3 pages - $5.00
4-5 pages - $8.00
5+ pages - $10.00 (up to 10 pages)
Novellas: (anything over 10 pages but under 50 pages): $20.00
RPG Character sketches: (written, of course) $3.00-$10.00, dependent on how detailed you/your DM/GM want it.

Please support your local starving writer and her family by purchasing one of these commissions. Thanks!

I will accept personal checks, cashier's checks, and/or money orders only. I will make payment arrangements with everyone on an individual basis.

Please leave me a comment here expressing your desire to get one of these commissions, e-mail me, or contact me in some other way if you want one.

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[20 Aug 2004|04:18pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey everyone! Me again! I was thinking...livejournal is such a good way to get to know each other better. I mean, what better way to learn something about somebody than to read about what they had for lunch or how they stubbed their toe this morning? ^_^ So, as a way of getting to know each other, feel free to post about yourself here on the group! Add Bifrost members' journals to your friends list! Talk shop! I think that's the purpose of this community - to help people become better acquainted with each other, seeing as how the yahoo group is where the hub of activity, promoting, and critiquing happens.

I'll start - I'm Mandy, my Elfwood pages are still kind of small, though I'm trying to add to them:

http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/art/a/m/amandarob/amandarob.html (art)
http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/libr/a/m/amandarob2/amandarob2.html (stories)
http://elftown.lysator.liu.se/member.html?member=Aliena (Elftown)

I've got a few novels I'm in the process of working on - 1 fantasy, 1 sci-fi, and 2 more fantasy on the way, a completed novella (can still use some edits, but is posted on Elfwood), and a serial fic that I'm playing around with. I have a lot of original characters from my fantasy novels, but they just don't LOOK quite fantasy, you know? My current art on my Elftown page is an example - she looks so normal, just looking at her. So that's one reason my Elfwood art page is still kind of small. Plus, I do lots of character art exchanges and contests, but I think I need to open a fanquarter section to display some of those because many of the characters I end up doing for people are from online comics.

I mainly play around with Photoshop CGing and am hopefully getting a tablet for my b-day in a few weeks. I'm starting to try a few more graphite and watercolor pics, though, as well as playing around with different techniques in Photoshop. My LJ isn't the most exciting. lol. But anyhow, that's me! If ya'll see a "littlefire" on your friends list, it's just me!

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updatedness! [19 Aug 2004|11:28am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Yay! The ticket 4 my WL page passed!

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Projects! [14 Aug 2004|11:29am]

Hey everyone! I had kind of taken a little hiatus from LJ, but am going to try to get back in the swing of things here. Here's a rundown of the current projects:

Project: "Paparazzi of the Woods"

Project Opens: August 12, 2004
Project Closes: October 12, 2004

Suggested by: Kolja T. Lehmann

This project is for Fantasy & SciFi creatures/characters caught in an unfavourable setting, for example elves wearing a cucumber face mask, vampires brushing their teeth, hobbits cutting their toe-nails, be inquisitive!

Bifrost writers are encouraged to write short stories or poems in the same theme.
Project: "New Pics for Past Projects".

Project Opens: July 4, 2004
Project Closes: August 31, 2004

Suggested by: Valarie Nicharico

While building our new website and Project Archive, we decided that some of our past projects needed more pictures or writings to do the ideas justice. So we have re-opened those projects and all members should feel free to add any new or old images/writings to those projects. The projects will then be made into updated tours and the works you submit will be added to our project archives.


Project: "The Best of Bifrost Writers".

Project Opens: June 17, 2004
Project Closes: August 31, 2004

Suggested by: Wendy A. Lawson

This project is being opened to showcase all Bifrost members who are also writers. Every Bifrost writer is encouraged to submit their best short story or poem to the project.

Then, when the project closes, we will open a poll to choose our favorite entry and the winning writer will be the featured writer for this project. We will also provide a link, to their Library page, from the tour on our group's new website. Also, as usual, all the pieces will be gathered together to create an Elfwood tour.


And if you haven't yet gotten in your Twisted Self-Portrait, you have until August 21 to add it to the Elfwood queu so it'll be up on the site by the 31st. And then just email Evelyn Lee - vampiremegami @ hotmail.com (take out the spaces) and let her know when you estimate it'll be up - include "Bifrost" in the subject line.
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Paintings that challenge you: What do they say? [24 Jul 2004|09:01am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Think about pictures or paintings that you wanted very much to finish but found difficult to complete. What did they challenge you with?

I completed one yesterday called Strength, which is particularly meaningful to me because it's a self-portrait of my inner child and my inner Lion, and I'm a Leo, and I love what Strength stands for in the Major Arcana, which means to overcome, sometimes by gentleness, to stand strong despite being battered...
Anyway I didn't know it would require so much sheer mental strength to finish it! I had about halfway completed it with a lot of time left for the deadline and suddenly I found myself swamped with marking, work, remedials, meetings, rehearsals for events that ended late, personal problems, other people's personal problems... Every night I got home dead tired, and couldn't do anything because I was so sleepy. And the same time I was feeling very resentful towards my work for eating my life away.

I knew exactly that the cosmos was saying "If you want to paint a painting called Strength, you have to live up to it!" But I didn't have the energy. That was till I started reading a book called Live Your Dream and reminded myself how I wanted to live. Well then, I practised the visualisation exercise, steeled myself and got myself going again. And it's done and I'm happy, not that it looks great or particularly polished, but because I did it and it's going to be up on Bifrost. And I know that I _am_ strong.

What about you? Share an experience about a painting/sculpture/story that has forced you to manifest a quality you needed or that has taught you something.

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My first post! Yay! [21 Jul 2004|10:59am]

[ mood | content ]

Hey all!
This is my first post in the Bifrost LJ. Mostly because I couldn't figure out how to do it until now. Alas the semicomputerilliterateness. Wow. I gotta write that word down for futer use.
I feel kinda bad for not having posted any art for bifrost since...like...when was it? Oh, yeah--the Tarot project.
But the scanner gods have forsaken me. For the rest of the summer, anyway. I can't access the school's scanners, seeing as I'm not in school right now. I can't access my own scanners (Jojo and Earle, i believe), seeing as I don't have and powercords for them. And, I can't use the library scanner, because it had an aneurism and died.
Ah, well.
I'm gonna go empty my email inbox before it starts bleeding.
Toodle Pip!

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Twisted Self Portrait Project Closing Soon [18 Jul 2004|07:48am]

[ mood | artistic ]

I’m pasting Wendy’s message about the project closing just in case anyone missed it.-

Hey Everyone,

Our Self-Portrait project closes on July 21st, at Midnight, US
Pacific Standard Time.

Then Evelyn, Valarie and I will begin gathering all the pics & info
to create the tours on Elfwood and on our website.





Your help providing the above info is GREATLY appreciated!!!

We will accept late submissions to the project for up to 30 days
after the project closes...so until August 21st.

If you know that you will have a late submission, please email
Evelyn Lee at: vampiremegami@hotmail.com to tell her when you expect
to have your piece ready and be sure to include "Bifrost" in the
subject line of your email.

Thanks so much!



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Hello Bifrost! [13 Jul 2004|10:19pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hi, I didn't know the Bifrost LJ was open already! That's great. I was one of the people who voted for the LJ account because this is where I spend all my time anyway. Well... why here and not Yahoo groups where the action is?

1.Well, because firstly the Yahoo interface is quite unfriendly, and frequently log-in is denied for no reason.
2.So I signed up for the daily digest by email, but I only kept up with the emails for the first week or so, and I'm afraid I'm now deleting the volumes without reading them as I just haven't the time.
3. I love LJ. heh.

So, thank you for opening this. You are not taking away a Yahoo reader, you are opening another venue for someone who wouldn't otherwise have a presence=) But I'd like to catch up on the Yahoo news now and then. Anyone have any advice for how to follow the YahooGroup threads that doesn't take a lot of time?

Over with that. An introduction: I'm Earthsea, I joined Elfwood this year, and Bifrost only about two months ago. I love fantasy, fairy tales, illustrations, that sort of thing. So what's everybody working on right now? I'm trying to get work done on my sorta-self-portrait but I haven't *sigh* got the time. It's always the same thing. And the dateline is getting closer too...How do you all handle this time-thing?

Ok, cheers!

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[30 Jun 2004|01:58pm]

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been a bit quiet lately - I've been overwhelmed with moving into my first house. Anyhow, it's Mandy and I'm excited about this community. I just wanted to pop in and say hello! I'm praying the power doesn't go out right now...lol...we've had wave after wave of storms (I'm in Texas) come through here. It's kind of hard to move when it's raining all the time! But luckily, we're just about settled - just have lots of boxes all around. But still, I've got time enough to unpack and I can reward myself with art time then. Must work on the fantasy self-portrait!
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The Spectral Bard has arrived! [30 Jun 2004|02:16am]

Hi all! Just thought I'd post to let you know I finally managed to drag myself into our Livejournal!
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Wow, the return of Bifrost LJ [29 Jun 2004|05:21pm]

[ mood | optimistic ]

It's nice to see the Bifrost LJ back and kicking. Still not sure how the heck this works, but it will give us another place to chat so it can't be all bad.

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About Bifrost [15 Jun 2004|06:47pm]


As the Bifrost community is just getting started...I thought it would be nice to have an entry that explains what Bifrost is! I copied the information off our website, with a little bit of modification.

Wendy/Mandy, could you copy this into our user info or add it as a memory, please? Thanks!

- Denise

What is Bifrost Fantasy?

Bifrost is Elfwood's first collaborative art club, founded by Paula Fletcher!

A few words from Paula:

"Awhile back I was asked by Hillary Deline if I would like to participate in a collaborated art project, where several artists produced an artwork corresponding to a common theme. The theme was to be the Zodiac. I was totally excited and enthusiastic about the whole experience, and thought how great it would be to belong to some kind of club where you could participate in a new project every month. And so Bifrost was born. Thanks so much to Hillary for inspiring me to start up the club. It's been more successful than I could have imagined, and I'm thrilled to be part of such a great community!"--Paula Fletcher

Why did you choose the name Bifrost?

The name Bifrost was taken from Norse Mythology, Bifrost being the sparkling rainbow bridge that connects Aesgard (land of the gods) and Midgard (land of mortals). You can draw into this any symbolism that you wish! In the end, Bifrost is about "building a bridge" between fantasy artists/writers from all over the world in a creative and friendly atmosphere!

Who can join Bifrost?

Any artist or writer who has an Elfwood or Private online gallery! Bifrost welcomes artists & writers of all skill levels and mediums (i.e. drawing, painting, digital, sculpture, photo-manip, short stories, poetry & more)!

Want visitors to your Elfwood gallery? Want artist buddies? Want the motivation and inspiration to produce more artwork?

Participating in collaborated art projects is a great way to achieve these things. Which is why Bifrost was created!

This is how Bifrost works:

Our Geocities website (Bifrost's homepage) is home to our member's submitted project pieces, completed tours, Bifrost club description & more!

The Yahoo!Group homepage & mailing list is where most of our club activity occurs. You can interact with other members through chat & email, submit project ideas, upload image/text files for projects you participate in, vote in group polls, etc...

We launch a new collaborated art project every other month. We decide on our new project by suggesting ideas, then the ideas are collated into a poll. Then all group members get to cast a vote for the project idea of their choice. The votes are counted and the winning project is announced.

Members have two months to produce an artwork/writing that corresponds to the project theme (if they wish to participate). At the end of the two month time limit, the submitted artpieces/writings are combined in an Elfwood tour & a tour located here on our Bifrost homepage. The artist/writer whose idea was chosen for the project will be featured in the tours and on our Bifrost homepage!

You are encouraged (but by no means required) to become an active member, by suggesting bi-monthly project theme ideas and producing artwork/writings for the club projects (More details about this process can be found by clicking on the "Crash Course" link in the side-menu).

You can also post messages to all members of the group through your email account. This is a good way to find people who wish to participate in your own projects or character swaps!

Becoming involved with Bifrost gives you many new opportunities:

The opportunity to meet and become friends with people of similar interests,
the opportunity to be inspired to produce more art,
and last, but certainly not least...
the opportunity to attract more visitors to your gallery!!!

Thank you for your interest... we hope to see you at Bifrost soon!

*smiles* Wendy

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Greetings: [15 Jun 2004|01:23am]

[ mood | tired ]

I thought I would post my first post here and welcome any and all who sign up for the LJ.

I hope we get some good discussions going as we already have going on bifrost but maybe extend them a bit.

For, now I have to go to bed it is 1:23am and I have to get up in the morning and call section 8 and see if they can help us with the deposit and moving costs. We think we MIGHT of found a house to move too. We are also going to see the house tomorrow at 1pm. I have been running myself wild dealing with snobby rude land ladies and realories who think they can walk in here and take over and turn their noses up at us in what is STILL our home all this week. Plus, trying to find us a new home and figure away for us to move and to afford it.

So, that is my update...hope to see many more join up soon.


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